Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A secret project and revisiting the beads

I've left the beads for too long again. I know this because when I start reentering all the cases and looking over all the beads, I feel this longing to just dive in. There's a thousand projects within those cases, a million different ways to stay busy.

But I couldn't dive in headlong, no matter how much I wanted to. Instead I was in my bead case for a direct purpose. I've had the need since I got back home from Iowa to repay a few of the kindnesses I received while I was there. A few of my family members were very generous with their time and attention and I think that kindness should be rewarded.

So, I finally completed some secret projects to reward those kindnesses. Took me long enough, but I got it done.

What's the secret project about, you may be asking yourself? Well, it involves Clare's beads. You guys may remember that I've received beads and jewelry from all three of my mom's sisters, as well as my mom herself. Well, I decided to use some of those beads for my little project and I hope the intended recipients enjoy it.

I'll update you on this with pictures after I've sent them off.

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