Saturday, October 28, 2006

We'll Miss You, Aunt Jan

I just got word last night that my aunt Jan passed away. Words can not express how heartbroken I am by this news. Jan was this amazing spirit with this unstoppable energy and I'm very saddened that she is gone.

My condolences and love go out to her family; uncle Dave, cousin Marcus and his wife, cousin Lisa, cousin Cindy and her family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family too. Mom, I wish I was home to hug you right now. Uncle Steve, I wish I could hug you too. We've been through so much together that it seems daunting to have to go through more, to lose yet another loved one.

Although, to every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. My mom said that from the moment she recieved it, my aunt Jan had been holding onto the rosary I made. I found out it brought her a lot of comfort to be holding a rosary made with some of my grandmother's jewelry. Apparantly, it had become such a fixture with her when they prepared her body, they made sure the rosary was placed in her hands. When I heard this, I immediately burst into tears. I didn't expect the rosary to be so impactful on Jan, or her family it seems.

Given this, there time of need, I'd like to send Marcus, Lisa, Cindy, and uncle Dave if he wants one, a rosary. I'll be writing them an e-mail shortly to ask if they'd like one. I'm acutely aware now, more than ever, how much our family needs to stay in touch, and how much a simple act like this one that I've been neglecting can have on a family.